DVSA Safety Inspection - your customers Remote App

Our DVSA Safety Inspection now comes with an optional *Remote App so your customers can login and view their safety inspection history


Compliant with your DVSA safety checks


Clear concise and always legible safety reports for both you and your customers


Compliant with DVSA

Remote App: provide your customers with a Remote App to print and view their safety reports - and progress

With this optional remote application (which can be used by the Safety Inspection Manager Pro version only) you can provide your customers with a desktop icon that will connect to their safety inspection history - your customers can log in with a user name and password and they will be able to view inspection history for their vehicles/ trailers, see if the inspection has been signed off, then print off the Safety Inspection report.

You can control when an inspection is available to be seen- so if you prefer not to show the progress you can withhold the safety inspection record - once Part 4 has been signed the record will be available to be seen.

Your customers are only able to view data pertinent to them and only once you have provided them with the login details. So you remain in full control of who and what your customer can view. You can of course decide not to use the Remote Application, or provide it only to certain clients.

*This remote application is an optional additional add on to the Safety Inspection Manager PRO - which does require that the PC that has the Safety Inspection Manager Pro installed is running Windows Server 2008 R2 or greater and has a fixed (static) IP address. For your customers to log in they only require Windows 7 or above and of course an internet connection. Customers can only log in when your PC is running (that is the PC that is running the Safety Inspection application). You must turn off within the Windows Server OS (that hosts the DVSA Remote App) the remote desktop option, by doing this you restrict users to only access the App and not the PC.

There is no setting up on the customers PC - they will just click the icon that you will have supplied (its the same icon for every customer - access is controlled by their individual login details). Safety Inspection Manager PRO is not an internet (cloud) solution all your data is stored on your PC - however it can be used as a cloud solution providing you have the correct PC requirements, or we can host it for you as a cloud solution.

Please note: The creating and setting up of this remote application is not covered by our normal support. However it is very easy to do and we are more than happy to provide general guidance to an IT person who is already competent with Windows 2008 R2 or greater. Alternatively we are able to introduce you to a suitable IT person to do this for you

When purchasing the Safety Inspection Manager Pro this Remote Application is currently included FREE of charge, and you can distribute the remote app to as many of your 'operators' as you need.